Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer sun dress

I took a break from Swoon to whip up a little something for bear #2 - she's very cute and very skinny.  She has been on the 'wee' side since before she was born, blessed with the metabolism of a race horse (thankfully she doesn't look like one).

Anyway, I ordered this fabric for her - she LOVES yellow and I tolerate it in small doses, so this was a win/win.

You can see I have marked out the body of the dress - only 2 parts, the front/back (both are cut exactly the same) and the tie.

From this first piece, I retraced it and cut the second piece and cut the tie length ways from the left overs on the side.

I did trim the selvages off before sewing the tie.  The ends are sewn and cut at a 45o angle -

The next step was to sew the arms - there are no sleeves so it was a case of double fold over, mind the curve and stitch away...

Then there were the French seams for the sides of the dress - had to carefully match the underarms.

Almost forgot to show the casing for the tie.  I decided to double stitch just to be safe...sometimes bear #2 is a little hard on her clothes.

Hem it, put the tie and and hey presto a new dress!  But and I quote "Ehhhh, I don't want my face on there!" So a semi faceless shot in rather poor lighting.

A back shot - I really love this dress - despite what her older brother says (we wont go into that now).


The bow!  It takes a simply plain dress and turns it into simply gorgeous.  So there you have it, a 2-3 hour dress.

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