Sunday, January 22, 2012

Door Stopper Tutorial

Every time I have the windows open, for some reason #2's bedroom door always slams.  It's never any of the other doors, just that one and it is very annoying...

So here's a tutorial for a door stopper, easy-peasy.

You need 5 squares the same size - mine were 5"x5". I had used this fabric to back a quilt and it was left over, hence the iron -on wadding. You can choose whether you want to do the same or not, I personally prefer the softer, smooth finish.

The next thing I decided to do was to decorate the outside of my stopper.  I used some fabric that my daughter had chosen  for another project and snipped off some of the owls and ironed them onto some vlisofix.

I cut each owl out and then blanket stitched each one onto 4 of the pieces (remember the 5th is the bottom).  After this I then marked 2.5" on each of the 4 side pieces at the centre of the top and then the 2 sides.  For the purpose of the photos I marked the stitching line on the outer fabric so you could see but in reality I just marked the point on the inside, directly onto the wadding (but it was too hard to photograph clearly).

 Then you simply sew from the bottom (leaving a 1/4"seam from bottom edge and side edge) up to the 2.5" mark and then swivel your stopper to sew the diagonal line to the centre top.  Back stitch to finish the seam.

 I then add the bottom piece - I find it easier to stitch it as I go rather than at the end when you have a box-shape.

This just shows that I have sewn on side seam and added the bottom.

 This photo shows that from here on when I add another side, I stitch the bottom edge first and then the side edge up to the top centre.  It helps if you can leave the needle in the down position when turning the stopper.

Your stopper starts to look like this and you must trim off the excess fabric from the side to the top.  I trim mine to 1/4" and it makes a small triangle shape after you've cut it off.

Now the last seam is the tricky one.  You only sew from the centre at the top on the diagonal to the side - back stitch well.  By not sewing down the side, you leave an opening to turn your stopper the right way and also to stuff it.

Here you can see I have all my seams sewn except for the last side seam and the 4 top corners have been trimmed off.

Turn your stopper out the right way - use a Purple-Thang or some other implement to push out the corners and points.

Place kitty-litter into a bag and slip it inside prior to stuffing your stopper.  You could use any sort of dry good (rice, lentils, sand etc) to weight the bottom of the stopper.  Stuff to your heart's content and then stitch the side seam closed.

I'm waiting for my daughter to get back so that we can add a decorative tassel with some beads.  But that's it - super easy, super quick and if you used stuff you already have, well then super cheap and the best part...No more slamming doors!

Email me if you need any help.

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