Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little bit ...naughty, really.

I love quilts.
I love books.
I love on-line shopping.
Especially from America.
A little browsing has led to this...

Inside it was this book...

And somehow the complete block of the month
for the Mill Girls quilt was also inside the box.


It will one day be very lovely, when it is done.

And now I don't think I should go shopping again,
unless I absolutely HAVE to have it.


  1. What's a girl to do... when something that is NEEDED finds it's way to your home...ummm.. enjoy it I :)

  2. Just a little bit of retail therapy....and we all need it.....looks gorgeous...have fun...

  3. Love both your purchases. Hugs,xx.

  4. A girl after my own heart. You know you have really let go when you get the boxes and not the flate rate envelopes! :) I like to think of these purchases as "boredom busters" for retirement :o) hugs

  5. Great purchases. It's hard to resist online shopping. Hugs.......

  6. Seems to me the postman earns his living off you alone! Great buys, but step away from the computer. ;-)

    Happy sewing!

  7. Wander how that happened lol. Now where do you live again and what time do you go to work lol I think there are a few of us that might just like to raid your stash lol.

  8. Yes very naughty if the book and kit to jump in a box with your address on it. Tsk tsk. Enjoy them both.

  9. OMGoodness !!!!! How did that happen.. LOL
    Gorgeous book and blocks


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