Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sneak sneak sneaky

I have a confession.
I didn't work on my reports last night.
I played instead.
Dotty and spotty...

I love my new ironing board cover!

And that's all I'm showing for today...
I wonder which of the swaps this is for - any ideas?


  1. I love the aqua and red but have to ask where did you get the ironing board cover ...... I need a new one and this one is so cute :o) hugs

  2. I'll go dotty trying to work THaT one out! lol :)

  3. maybe your mrs martins next swap.xx

  4. Maybe a personal swap. Not to sure really. But u have some great fabrics.

  5. It is cute...someone is going to be thrilled....


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