Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All good things come to those who wait...

Wait for the postman, that is.

My reward for dragging myself to work today was a little bundle when I got home.

It consisted of these little gems:

Now if only my children would fend for themselves and my job would do itself then I could be doing much more useful and important things, like stitching things from my new collection.

Guess there is always late nights and weekends...


  1. A beautiful collection there. Love the look of those pincushions. It has got me inspired to finish off the SKOW pincushions I embroidered back in March! Hopefully the day wont go too quickly on me lol

  2. Great purchases Claire. Looks like your nights are going to be very busy (That's when I do most of me sewing also) have fun with them. hugs

  3. what fun you are going to have now Claire,enjoy your lovely buys.xx

  4. Lovely goodies there Claire I have the two books coming as well..have fun..

  5. Lovely books and pattern. Have both the books and they are full of wonderful things to make. Have fun. Hugs.....


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