Sunday, May 5, 2013


My FNWF turned into Saturday sewing by myself.

I found this little cuties back in my cupboard.
I really should tidy up and shut the door so she can't get it.

I spent quite some time making the straps for the aprons.
I tried a few different things to make the process quicker, without success.

I think that is 4 straps worth in that pile.
Then it was on to the aprons.

A spotty pocket on one.

And by last night I had 3 blue ones completed
and 2 more pockets stitched on 2 others
and all of the rest cut and ready to sew up the side seams today.
I also discovered that I can't count.
I've been saying there are 18 aprons...turns out there are 20.

Well, I know what I'm doing for the rest of today.


  1. cute aprons..... is that the pattern where the cord goes through in one piece... it's so great and fits to any size.... I made them but I cheated and bought some cheap twill tape!!!! Yours is much nicer as it matches...

  2. Lovely aprons Claire. I've made aprons using tea towels before. So you can keep clean and dry your hands!

  3. what a great job you are doing Claire,you have a production line going.xx

  4. They are coming along nicely! Always a bonus to find you have a few extra

  5. Love that pruple spotted fabric.

  6. You will be fed up with aprons by the end of this; until next year, when it happens all over again.

  7. You will be over Mother's Day before it gets here :( Great Aprons though :) hugs

  8. Looking good Claire. The aprons will definitely be a sell out success.

  9. Lovely aprons and it is nice to see Lucy sleeping in HER cupboard...

  10. Lovely little bundle of aprons there. Wow 20 of them you will be busy.

  11. Lovely aprons. You have been busy making 20 of them. Hugs,xx

  12. Lovey aprons and so many, nice fabric colours chosen.

  13. Hi Claire, finally paying you a return visit!
    Great aprons there, well done persisting with the straps - I cheat & use wide cotton tape!


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