Saturday, May 4, 2013

The little card...

I love it when I get home from work
and no one else has checked the letter box,
so out I go and voila!
I find a little card telling me the postie has been 
but hasn't left my parcel.

So to the Post Office I go and stand in line,
patiently waiting...wondering what it is.

This time it was just the most excellent news!

I still have a book to come that is on back order.

This is why I work full time - to fuel my fabric addiction.
I'm stockpiling for when I retire and the money is not so free flowing.
Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Wow...where did this stash com from.....yummo

  2. Great Purchases but I really think that Happy Go Lucky Jelly Roll and Mini Charm packs need to come live with me :o) hugs

  3. oh what a lovely parcel Claire,happy days.xx

  4. Lovely to get happy mail. SOme beautiful fabrics there.

  5. What a wonderful parcel full of gorgeous fabrics. Have fun using them. Hugs....

  6. Wow I would have spent all night just play with the new stash. Lol

  7. Beautiful fabrics, mail like that is the best.

  8. OMG where did you buy that lovely stash ??????


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