Monday, February 24, 2014

Divided Basket

I've had this pattern for a while now but just haven't got
around to sitting down and actually making it.
I decided to this weekend - Friday night actually.

I've been playing around with interfacing a lot lately.
Trying to find something that I like, that my iron likes,
that is soft and firm but not bulky.

I'm frustrated with American patterns calling for things
that I can't readily get where I live.
I just ordered some Sew Lazy Girl interfacings -
hoping that they might be the answer to my prayers.

Enough of my interacing woes and back to the basket.
It was an easy pattern to follow with some good 
pictures to guide you.

I decided to omit the handles and iron
folds at the sides.

It's for my new sewing room.
In the new house - which is finally at lock-up.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Great work on your basket it looks lovely :-)

  2. yipee ,not long to wait now,it will look fabulous in your new home Clairebear.xx

  3. It looks like a great basket and the fabric is gorgeous. Sounds like your new home is progressing well.


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