Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My daughter to sew.
We bought her first pattern on the weekend.
she wants to have a go at making pj pants.

She traced the pattern all by herself and is
now ready to pin and cut the fabric.

So glad she is interested in this.
Even better though, is the husband's supporting it.
He thinks it's great.
Silly man.
Doesn't he realise he will soon have 2 women whose 
spending he needs to watch?


  1. That is excellent your daughter is keen to sew. Love the fabric choice.

  2. Have fun you two. I've just got the note from school with fabric request for Nelson. He is going to be making pyjama pants in home economics. Austin made some in year 8 too and loved wearing them. That's a good sign!

  3. lol thats funny,its a wonderful bonding time for you both as well,i remember spending time with my girls sewing too,fun times.xx

  4. This is great! Cannot wait to see her first PJs

  5. Enjoy your time together. Better run off and change so e floor plans as Selby will need her own sewing space as I'm sure mum has enough to gill hers! 😉

  6. a great thing to start sewing with.... haha... there will have to be more fabric hiding places made...

  7. Ssshhh .... don't tell him!!
    I think it is wonderful that your daughter wants to sew. Great project to start on.
    Have fun!

  8. Your DD made a great choice for her first project. Love the fabric too.
    LOLpoor hubby....


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