Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Piece Bag

I signed up for last week's Friday night sewing with friends.
It didn't happen.

We had a change of plans and then a little bit of sickness in the house
thankfully it was short lived and not me!

So it was Sunday afternoon before I got around to sewing.

I had seen a review of this bag by Sherri McConnell
and it had me - I'm such a sucker!

I think it must be tattooed to my forehead -
just ask Sharon she can vouch for what
easy picking I am when it comes to sewing and patterns.

Well this is my version.  
I had intended to use it for work - lugging books
and papers to and fro.
It's not going to work for that.
I love the bag - it's BIG...

But it is a soft bag and not really designed
to be filled with school books.

So I shall keep hunting patterns and
making bags until I find the right one.


  1. Yes more bags! You need more bags... I love this one though!

  2. lol i think Shaz is as bad as you,i think you were twins in a previous life,lol.Your new bag is lovely Clairebear,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  3. A nice bag..if I could find the right pattern I would make one for school as well..will follow you in your quest!

  4. The bag looks great in red. i am sure you will find a way to make it useful!


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