Thursday, February 6, 2014

What an opportunity!

Ages and ages and ages ago I went to a Christmas Gathering
in Melbourne run by Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley.

On that day Gail happened to show us the beginnings of her newest quilt.

I fell in love *sigh*
It was just beautiful and it was only a small portion that she shared.
I asked her when the pattern would be out.
She said next year.
i told her that she was awful to make me wait that long!

Then Gail started putting snippets on Instagram.
(I L.O.V.E. Instagram)
Well one thing lead to another and ...
fast forward a little bit of time and you have me
stitching this:

and this

and this

not to mention this

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to test Gail's pattern.

 This is block one - it's far from finished
but this was what had me when Gail first showed us.

block 2

 block 3

block 4

Blocks 1-4

My version so far.  

All 6 blocks put together (but a whole lot of stitching still to do).
This is just a lovely quilt - if you have thought of 
signing up to a BOM program
It's a fantastic quilt.

I would like to thank Gail for the opportunity
of testing her pattern.

You can visit Gail's blog to find
a list of stores running her stunning new quilt


  1. Fantastic Claire. Very happy for you. It looks great.

  2. Looking good. I can't wait for block 2 to arrive in a week or so. Hugs,xx

  3. Am I am lucky to have seen your version in person. Beautiful. Hugs

  4. whow what a honor to have the chance to do that Clairebear and its looking fantastic,well done my clever friend.xx

  5. Lovely work! And what a great way to get a head start on the rest of us.


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