Monday, February 17, 2014


We have had a rough time around here of late with fires.
Not as bad as some areas though.

Greg and I drove to Pakenham on Saturday 
and I snapped these next couple of pictures on our way home.

Everything is black and it smelt!
Really, really bad.

In a couple of places it looked like trees were still smoldering.
There is a real danger of falling trees now - we saw quite a few
that had already been cut up.

It has been interesting watching the national news out of Melbourne 
this week and hearing them talk about the smoke haze.

Well we are still in a haze here with one of the 
open cut coal mine still burning away.

These photos are not mine - so I take no credit for them
they are shamelessly borrowed to show what is going on.

Firefighters have been working 24/7
to try and get this under control
and last night the wind changed and it flared again.

We are safe and I am thankful for the work
these brave men and women do
(including my hubby), 
just don't like they way he and his uniform smell.
Still can't get used to it after 17 years of marriage.


  1. All of those fire fighters are amazing people. Glad to know you are safe Claire.

  2. What we do without those amazing firefighters and their partners who have to stay at home and pray that they stay safe. Stay safe Clair,and thank you to all those brave people.

  3. Fires always give me the shivers.... I know what you mean by the smell.... glad you are safe and wonderful work your hubby and others are doing... hats off to them...

  4. Glad you're all safe. Fire fighters are amazing people x

  5. We are getting the smoke haze in Fish Creek so I can imagine how bad it is for you
    My 16 year old grandson has just joined the fire brigade Still training so no fires for him just yet and yes they do an amazing job

  6. Thinking of you all at this terrible time.. Pleased you are safe and a huge hug and thank yous to our wonderful firefighters..

  7. We owe a aweful lot to our wonderful men and women that protect us from these fires!so thankyou guys and stay safe my lovely friend.xx

  8. Definitely has not been a good couple of weeks. And it looks like the open cut fire is a long way from out. Lots of discussion on the news about that today.
    Thank your hubby for the work he does!!
    If I had realised you were coming through my town I would have waved.

  9. Oh it's all heart breaking seeing and even smelling all that destruction. Keep safe x


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