Thursday, July 11, 2013

2 Unseen Quilts

I was having a bit of a tidy up and shaking my quilts
when I realised that I have not shared these next 2 quilts before.
They were made long before I started blogging.

Both are Nancy Halvorsen patterns 
(I do love her her books) and
were long term projects that were worked on intermittently
over a year or so.

The top one is called The Beatitudes and shows
12 different angels, one for each month of the year.
The second on is called I Believe and is a Christmas quilt.

Don't you just love those skinny almost 15 year old legs
poking out of the bottom?  He is so tall he call hold up all of 
my quilts for me when I want to take photos.

I knew I had kids for a reason!


  1. Two lovely quilts, Claire and yes, it is good to see children being useful. lol!

  2. these are so lovely Claire,well done.xx

  3. They are lovely quilts. Nancys patterns are gorgeous.

  4. Nancy's designs are wonderful... never tire of seeing them!
    Well done even if a few years ago... :)

  5. Great quilts and yep I knew thats why my boy was so tall ....... quilt photo shoot helper! :o)

  6. Beautiful quilts. Love Nancy Halvorsen. Hugs......


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