Thursday, July 18, 2013

A tale of yarn

I love yarn.
I collect it.
I have storage containers filled with the stuff.
And for some reason, 
I feel the need to buy more!
Go figure.

This turned up yesterday...
along with some others.

It is currently becoming a scarf
and it is just the softest yarn to knit with.
It is beautiful.
The colour wasn't quite what I was expecting
but I still like it.  It's always a bit of a risk
buying from a picture.
Even my photo doesn't show the true colour.
It is a free patter from Cascade Yarns
and it is called Magic Rib.  The best part, you only have to memorise
one line of pattern as the the pattern repeats
every line!  Too easy.


  1. All the Bendigo yarns are beautiful to knit with. I seen this colour knitted up and it is lovely.

  2. A real shame that I dont know how to knit, especially being that the Bendigo Woolen mills are right here, just up the road :o)

  3. i have heard a lot of good things about the Bendigo woollen mills,must try some and i love your scarf pattern Claire.xx

  4. Lovely wool colour. Look forward to seeing the finished scarf. Hugs....

  5. You should take part in the 12 hats in one year challenge. You would be able to use up the yarn, and make some accessories to go with your scarf!

  6. Nice new yarn. Pretty scarf knitting.
    Enjoy collecting and admiring your stash.

  7. Enjoy collecting the yarns that way you will have plenty when you retire and what to knit all the time. Nice colour yarn you are using to knit your scarf.


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