Monday, July 22, 2013

Successful Sunday

The secret sewing I tried to get done on Friday night
I finished off over both Saturday and Sunday.
The quilting is done, oodles and oodles
of straight lines and corners...

The binding is sewn on and clamped down,
ready for stitching and I got almost halfway done
by bed time, a rather good effort I felt.

And finally a little bee I am happy with.
I was a lot more generous with my pieces of fabric 
this time and I starched before doing anything.

I think both things helped or maybe it was that
I held my tongue in the right position - it has
been brought to me attention that I sometimes 
sew with my tongue out.  That's got to be 
a good look!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the front of the quilt. Your little bee looks great, Claire.

  2. Secret sewing is always frustrating until the big reveal. A very cute bee. Have a great start to the week.

  3. very cute bee Claire,not many sleeps now,lol.xx

  4. That edge treatment looks interesting. I hope we get to see the whole thing?

  5. Oh yes it has to be the way you hold your tongue! See you Saturday. hugs

  6. Looks like you have been busy. Hugs.......


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