Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Round Up

I fiddled around and made a pouch - I want to make one for 
a lady I work with to slip inside her handbags with all of her stuff
so she can interchange bags quickly and easily.

This however, is not the one for her.  It is far too small 
for what she needs.  I think this one will now go into my birthday stash.

I started work on a laptop bag for baby bear #2 - she 
asked a friend to hold hers at school whole she went to the toilet and it was dropped.
Apparently the bag we gave her does not fit into her locker...
think it was more a case of it being an ugly black bag.

We ended up putting 2 pockets inside the bag.
One for her pens and swipe card and one for her mouse.

By this stage I was getting very excited as it was all
going to plan and so easy.

This is it with the laptop inside.  Not bad for a few hours
work and she loves it!  That's an added bonus really.

There was enough fabric left over for me to make a
second bag.  This one does not have pockets.

It is a fairly sizable bag that will house 
a lot of stuff for someone.  Another item that 
will go into my birthday stash.

 There was also the usual grocery shopping and
a trip to the green grocer who has a little deli attached 
to his fresh produce store.

We had a slight discussion about the purchase
of what is possibly the biggest jar of Nutella in the world.
I am pleased to announce that it did remain on the shelf,
I could not justify spending $70 on it.
$70 on fabric without even blinking but 
on Nutella, nope,not a chance.


  1. you have been busy Claire ,some great finishes there ,well done,yes i left the nutella there also.xx

  2. Love your bags - that Nutella jar is unbelievable

  3. Great bags Claire. My kids would gave wanted that huge jar of Nutella. They love it too.

  4. Fabulous laptop bag Claire and the other one will also come in handy for someone.\

  5. lol just showed Grace that Nutella jar. I think she wants one but not happening here either. You know it is the filling for ferrero rocher choc's don't you. Very nice on the teaspoon occasionally. Love the laptop bag too.


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