Saturday, July 13, 2013


 I have finished Mama's China.

I used French General for the border and binding,
it was the perfect colour with the reds.

If you look closely enough you will
see a cheeky person peeping over the top 
of the quilt to see if I had finished taking photos.

Got her!  She was all giggles and smiles.

We also got a letter from her orthodontist about the next phase 
of her treatment.  The awful contraption she has in will come out 
in October and then her braces will go on.
$7,500 worth of braces, yikes!
So by the time she is finished her thumb sucking will have cost
about  $12,500.  
Here's my advice - let your kid have a dummy, 
you can take a dummy away, you can't remove a thumb!


  1. Oh no Miss Lily is a thumb sucker and we are trying really really hard to get her to stop. Love your finished quilt :) hugs

  2. Lovely finish.
    I didn't have thumb suckers and all three if my kids will have had braces. Missing teeth and protruding eye front tooth the problem.

  3. fantastic Claire ,well done.xx

  4. My brothers and sisters and I all sucked either thumbs or fingers and none of us had braces.....
    I did have dummies for my kids though as I sucked my fingers till I was 13 , not good.....

  5. Your quilt looks great Claire. We are very fortunate that none of ours have needed braces (although Mitchell wants them, why I don't know)!

  6. Gorgeous quilt! Now get your dentist receipts together for the tax man as you might be eligible for a 20% tax offset. I think it will be cut for this current financial year but you can still claim for last year. You might have to double check before claiming braces etc though.

  7. You can remove a thumb but they cry a lot louder!

    You made that quilt fast. I am sure you were just looking at the pattern the other day.


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