Friday, July 19, 2013

More yarn and a couple of patterns

I'm not sure how this keeps happening 
but there was more yarn with the one
I showed yesterday.
Things keep arriving on my door step...

This one will  be for another scarf.

This one came with 4 of its brothers and sisters.

There were also these 2 patterns.

This cardigan is going to be my favorite.

Oh and there was also a note at the bottom of the
order form saying that there were more balls coming
on back-order.

I think I should put myself in a program
and not spend anymore money for
quite some time...
apart from next weekend.

Woo-hoo its Friday!


  1. You've caught the woolly bug! lol

  2. That's NOT a bad bug to catch! Lovely patterns! :)

  3. For a second there O thought you were going to implement your spending ban immediately.... not a good idea, better to wait until after next weekend :o) I am so looking forward to catching up. hugs

  4. Love the patterns. If it wasn't wool, it would be fabric so I don't think you can win Claire. Hugs.......

  5. I seem to be having a similar problem with yarn :o)
    Love the previous scarf pattern.


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