Monday, July 15, 2013

Sadness a heavy heart and confessions...

Sadness - because holidays are over and it's back to work.
On that note a very wise woman did bring to 
my attention that I only work 5 days a week'
so 50 days are for school. 20 days are for sewing
and then there is a 2 week break.
Much better when you break it down like that.

Heavy heart - didn't get half the stuff done I was going to: ready for accountant - no
2. Marcelle medallion quilted - no
3. wardrobe cleaned out - partially
4. quilt done for Julia for Phoebe's anniversary - not yet
5. Swoon (that I started waaaay back) -no

I won't continue with what I didn't get done.
I did get quite a bit done and a lot of it I can't show
- it's the secret swap sewing variety.

Now for my confession...

I suck at paper piecing.

attempt #1.

Epic failure!

attempt #2.

Slight improvement.

Showed husbeast...he said it was better than the first one 
and then asked me if it was worth it.

Silly man of course the pressure and frustration is worth it.
I need to be able to prove to myself that I can do it.
It's all those pesky little pieces.

So anyone else out there have issues with these sorts of things that they have conquered?


  1. Paper piecing was really hard for me (I am the penguin cushion for baby miH). I used tracing paper in the end, and it helped... I think you probably need a tutorial that makes sense to you... There must be one out there, look for it. Ok, maybe take a break first...

  2. Paper Piecing does my head in. I really should give it another go. My Glacier Star is all Foundation Pieced and the "add a Quarter" Ruler is now my best friend. Stick with it, I'm sure you will master it. Embrace your first day back at work. I know I am but for the opposite reasons to you ..... yay the school holidays are over! (Sorry Claire) lol hugs

  3. i havent done piecing before Claire,it looks hard,but your blocks look fine to me.xx

  4. I don't like PP and your Bee looks great. Good on you for sticking with it...


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