Monday, September 2, 2013

2 days

For a weekend just isn't enough.
Really, by the time you shop, clean and run around after 
sports and other child things that really
leaves no time for the important things'
I propose a 3 day weekend at least once a month.
That way I think I would get far more done.

I did get a little more done on this - it's slow but there is progress.

I'm working on my Marcelle Medallion again and the quilting of it
is time consuming and laborious - is it a big and heavy quilt.
I'm working on my free motion quilting and having a go
at feathers, for the first time.
They are far from perfect but then so is this whole quilt!

And some one decided to declare yesterday a pj day.
Half his luck I say.
Maybe we should have a pj day once a month...


  1. It would be good to have a 3 day weekend quite regularly, wouldn't it! Your stitchery is looking lovely Claire.

  2. You have my vote for a three day weekend and a pj day. You are braver than me regarding free motion quilting. A great start.

  3. your stitching is gorgeous Claire bear and i sometimes sneak in 1/2 day pj days,lol.xx

  4. Don't be coming and knocking on my door on a Tuesday. If Lily and I are to do a PJ day that is the day :o) Stick with Marcelle, she will be so worth it when it's done. hugs

  5. Your hand stitching is wonderful! And the quilting looks good to me. But I totally agree about three day weekends. I think you should be awarded them right away.


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