Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday Saturday Sunday

The weekends always seem to rush by in a blur
back into the busyness of the week.

My FNSI was a real flop!
I had intentions of doing all this stuff and did none.

The postie had left me  a couple of new books 
and after having a look at them both,
I decided to start a project out of my book
"Quilting on the go".

There was also this parcel...
Still haven't touched the other installments, 
bad quilter!

I crashed at about 9:30 - it had been a really big week
at work with our school production and I just couldn't see straight.

Saturday afternoon I picked up my new project and kept going.
I was powering along.

I love Sandra Bullock and managed to get my hands on
2 of her older movies and decided to watch one.
It was a little bit cheesy.

I will save this one for another time as I fear 
it too will be the same way.

Sunday we went for a drive by the block
 and oh boy were we excited!
There is a sign!
There is going to be action very soon.

In the afternoon I finished my new project - it just needs a button.

I finished the weekend off by stitching a few
more stitches on my BFF.


  1. Sometimes you just need to go to bed early Claire. You did manage to get a bit done over the weekend, so that was good.

  2. So happy you got a chance to spend the weekend sewing. Lots of great projects on the to do list. How exciting about the house.

  3. I think you did well for your weekend. Most exciting part has to be the sign on your block of land. I am looking forward to seeing your dreams and plans all fall into place. hugs

  4. intentions are always good, at least you got some down time and a little stitching done over the weekend.

  5. I think you did very well for such a busy lady.. Can't wait to see your house progress...


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