Sunday, September 22, 2013

FNSI and weekend wrap up

Well Friday night was supposed to be stitching in front of the t.v.
while my beloved Cats played the Hawks.

I didn't get much done and I won't be watching footy until next season.
Stupid game.

I forgot to take photos but I worked on my Rosalie Quinlan BFF.

Over the weekend we had a big tidy up.

Apart from assorted Lego items, shoes and toys, someone found
a mini Milkyway bar - wrapper intact and the grin says it all.
If only I could have shared the excited sounds coming from under that bed.
I thought he had found gold!

I planned my next project (ok one more to my bucket list)
and ordered fabric for it.

Spent some time with the General - he's French.

And my new favorite book - I can't stop looking at it - there are so many
amazing things in here, yes, more for my bucket list.

I hope you had a great weekend - something very satisfying about knowing
that I don't have to go to work tomorrow :)
Sorry Sharon


  1. LOL you bugger! :o) We could have a virtual sewing day tomorrow and both stay in our PJ's :o)
    Post on the hour every hour to instagram... oh or maybe not as the laundry is calling ... aghrrrr but I am willing to give it a try! :o) Enjoy the first "official" day of your holidays, you deserve it :o)

  2. lol you girls are so funny,how cute is bear,yes that grin makes you smile,enjoy your holidays Claire bear.xx

  3. Happy holidays. Hope there is some sewing time planned. I have planned some sewing time.

  4. Now Claire don't be like that about the footy. I loved the game on Saturday here in the West.... Go the Dockers......
    Love the happy photo of little bear finding his treasure...
    Great new project and i really like your new book.
    Enjoy your break and I hope you get to stitch.

  5. Happy Holidays Claire!! I didn't sew on my holidays lol Love your new quilt for the bucket list!


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