Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Has arrived and I'm loving it!
Warmer days, blossoms, washing drying outside,
longer days, more sunlight, happy people all around
except for the hay fever sufferers - sorry.

Even the postman seems happy.
Just look what he gave me today!

This little text bundle came from Westwood acres
it is a great shop and has lots of yummy fabrics if you feel inclined to buy.

OH be still my beating heart!
This collection of threads is just divine!
Mine came from the Fat quarter shop.

Is it wrong to carry it with me and look at it,
lovingly, longingly ALL DAY LONG?

Have a great day!


  1. I'm going to come over just to mug your postman!

  2. Wonderful mail Claire. If I got one of those thread boxes, I don't think I would ever want to use them. I would just look and pat them! LOL! They look so lovely there in their box.

  3. Im with Christine, I dont think I would be able to use them :) hugs

  4. lol you are so funny just picturing you patting them all day,enjoy my friend and hey can i borrow your postie.xx

  5. Ha that sounds like a great idea.. Waiting at your gate to mug your postie...
    Love your purchases and I would carry the beautiful cottons around to just touch them now and then....

  6. Lovely purchases and the weather has been brilliant.

  7. I love word fabric too and those threads are to die for. Hugs.....


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