Thursday, September 5, 2013


It happened again!
My dear sweet postman left me a present.
I'm beginning to think he is dropping hints.

Do you think he wants me to make him a quilt???

What a delicious bundle of fabric goodness this is.

I will have to be careful - baby bear #2 has
already made several suggestions for things she could do with
these text prints.

Oh rainbow...skittles!

Do I have to go to work today?
I want to stay at home and make a quilt...
for the postie.


  1. You are singlehandedly responsible for keeping fabric companies in business, and the post office. ;-)

  2. lol you are so funny,i definately will have to borrow your postie he drops off such lovely parcels,have fun Claire.xx

  3. I want your postie too as I fear mine has run off with one of my bundles :( Also, Baby Bear 2, we need to talk about those Text fabrics :o)

  4. That postie is going to be sooooo lucky getting a quilt with those gorgeous fabrics. You could say you are supporting the community and stay home lol


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