Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scrap bag

 I have often wondered about the value of a
Moda scrap bag.
Well, I am now convinced they are worth it -
especially in this case.
I recently decided that I had to have some of 
Lucy's Crab Shack - sadly it is an older line and
not readily anymore.
I managed to find some at Southern Fabric.
I was desperate enough to order it.
Oh I'm glad I did as each piece is a really good size for a scrap.

My vote - scrap bags are great.
Thanks Moda :)


  1. I've often wondered about those scrap bags. Great to know they are good value.

  2. I've only ever had a scrap bag that was long strips, but that was worth it too and mine was full of Bliss which was gone from all the shops too. Well worth it.

  3. Wow I've only ever had scrap bags with strips. Looks like you scored. hugs

  4. Boy that was a great buy. Love Sweetwater fabrics. Hugs.....

  5. I had a scrap bag once with strips of varying widths. Made a throw out of it with only a small amount of fabric added from my stash. Good value!


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