Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At this moment...

I finally cracked open my charm square pack of Pezzy Print.  It has taken me a long time to do this (I buy fabric because it is pretty and then I refuse to cut into it for fear I may never have it again to use).  I am also finally using some templates I bought a long time ago from here, I'll show pics when I take them.


I have a large number of quilts.  They are on beds, chair, couches, and now rolled in a basket in the lounge awaiting the cooler weather.  I love nothing more than to snuggle under a quilt while watching a movie and depending on the movie, having a little snooze.  I plan to do some of that in the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, aren't these just the cutest little Christmas decorations?  Might have to see if I can make my own, so sweet!


  1. Enjoy starting your new quilt and I love your basket full of quilts too. Love those ornaments too.

  2. Lookin forward to seeing your new project.
    Nearly time to being out the quilts. Nothing better then snuggling under a home made quilt.

  3. I love playing with new fabric :o) Do you have a name for the pattern for those decorations? hugs

  4. Oh I'm hanging out for that cooler weather. It seems reluctant to show up this year.


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