Sunday, March 24, 2013


So I finally caved and opened my present from Sharon which despite having read her post and seeing what I was getting was still a surprise because it is just so cute!

Those little bunnies...oh how I wish I wasn't renting as I would go out and buy a pet rabbit!  We had one a few years ago, she was a great pet.  Her name was Zurg (Toy Story fans will understand) and she was lovely.  She enjoyed having our neighbour's rabbit put in her cage for a visit (thanks baby bear #2) and yes a few weeks later we had little ones.  Only one survived and is still doing well last time I asked my friend who took her.

Lots of pottering around here today and a fantastic day for drying washing...not so much sewing just a little continuation on a couple of projects that are on the go.

Thank you Sharon - it is to hide the chocolates before the rest of the family gets wind that they are here ;)


  1. what a beautiful parcel Shaz has put together for you Claire,love Karens swaps.xx

  2. I am glade that you liked it. Now to the Mothers day item :o) hugs


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