Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We have been to Church and celebrated the true meaning of Easter and for the first time EVER my kids waited until after Mass to crack open what the Easter Bunny so kindly left behind.
So while these 3 do more of this...

He wanted his photo taken like this, go figure...

I'm so very - what a mouth, if only her orthodontist could see her!

And thankful for the pureness of heart and innocence of this little one.

I am going to 'hop' on over to my sewing nook at the end of the table in the meals area away from the chocolate and sticky fingers and continue to work on this for a while.  Sharon I could not resist the temptation any longer and I blame you after watching the rapid progress of yours.


  1. I also attended Mass this morning. Was great as there were three Baptisms as well. All chocs intact here until the girls come home tomorrow. Looks your your kids enjoyed their chocolate. I am spending the day sewing too. Enjoy the day, Simone

  2. Lol great photos. Hope you got lots of sewing done.

  3. I will gladly take blame for this one Claire :o) Yours will be stunning. Just approach it one border at a time and beware, it is addictive :o) hugs

  4. YuMMo... and a smart move ... to the other side of the room I mean!
    EnJoY the new quilt project... it will be beautiful! :)


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