Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunny insanity...

So this year I decided that I wasn't buying my class Easter eggs - we don't give them out before Easter we wait until after and because Easter is this weekend by the time the kids come back from their holiday, Easter is long gone and kind of over.

Cue the bunny...

I cut out 60 of these little babies...cutting, cutting ,cutting.

I then whipped around the outside edge with blanket stitch and sat him on my ruler - the kids all loved him and thought he was great (so did I at this point).

And then it happened...28 needles, 28 threads, 56 rabbit halves and only a handful could;
        1. thread their needle
        2. knot the end of their thread
        3. stitch as directed

We had knots galore and threads chopped off and thrown in the bin.  I even had one parent come in because her child was stressed because he couldn't stitch right - she wanted to take it home and redo it for him...

So we didn't give up, we soldiered on and we are almost now these kids can help the other kids and by home time today, 28 little bunnies will have their stitching done and their neck ribbons firmly attached.

What I want to know is, why do I torture myself so...


  1. Stressful I know but a fantastic project for kids. I used to help when the girls were just starting primary school with sewing and knitting for the older kids. Sad thing is by the time my two girls were in grade 4 the teacher had retired and nobody else cared about the crafts. Small country school so the groups expanded across grade 4-6 and that was around 50 kids. All very polite and willing to learn and it was wonderful to know the older ones kept an eye on my two when they were in prep and toddling around the school lol

  2. You do it because at the end of the day you see wonderful "bunny" smiles on the children's faces... knowing YOU made it happen! Very well done! :)

  3. lol because you care,your heart was in the right place.xx

  4. What an amazing project! Love the bunny shape you chose... I would be the Mum to redo it for Baby MiH, not sure he would be stressed about it though..

  5. That is fantastic that you are prepared to stress yourself to give "your" kids the opportunity to sew. Took me back to the days when I did craft lessons at the school where I worked - I always tried to include some sewing things in among the cutting/gluing projects for the year.

  6. because you are a lovely teacher who loves to see the kids happy faces when the bunny is done ready to take home.....


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