Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye February..hello March!

Remember me?  I used to blog regularly and well since school went back despite being SUPER busy with everything else there has been no sewing Sad smile.

Since I last posted, this monster has started secondary school


strangely she did more homework in the first 2 weeks of school than her older brother did in his first 2 years at the same school…something is not right in that equation.


This quilt went to its new owner and made her cry…it was not the quilt so much – although it did blow her mind as it was not at all expected, but the message I put on the back;


and I have since received a lovely card from the 80 year old birthday gal, thanking me for the quilt and telling me I had God-given talents, that made me tear up a little.


I sent the first one to Wendy and she sent me the second one as part of the Fat Quarter swap.


And my desk at work looks something like the picture.  There is never a dull moment.

So, now I am going to try and find my mojo and try to sew something…any suggestions?


  1. I could sent you my to do list if you need help for something to sew :o) I will get that new revised list of things to make to you at the end of the week :o) hugs

  2. Oh, as for the homework ..... I am told my boys should be dong 45min + of homework every night, mind you to date one has done 1 hr total so far this term and the other ..... nothing!

  3. How about lots of little projects. You could spend some time making up your own little kits so that you can just pull something out to start on immediately rather than having to prep it. Book covers are my thing at the moment or some hexie flowers, pin cushions and the like.

  4. Glad to see you have dropped in.

    Hope there is sometime you can have to sew for yourself. I know all to well how busy the start of a school year is.
    Great to hear form you.

  5. It's NiCe to see you back... :)

  6. I could drop in with a little sewing 'to-do' list too! I'm sure that would help! I did see my machine recently, but haven't had a chance to post on it yet. That's somewhere on that 'to-do' list too. Our summer break is still two months away - I think I'm as excited about it as the boys are! Hopefully life will slow down a bit! Hugs to you and yours!


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