Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rash update

Our new bestie. 

After a trip to our doctor Baby bear #3 is to take an antihistamine at the first sign of a flare up. 

It is Urticaria and it is different to what he normally has but we don’t have an answer to why or what or any of those things.

We need to just watch and see and if by chance we can see a pattern then we can investigate further.

So for now we will just take Claratyne with us where ever we go.

I’m chalking this one up to yet another piece of the puzzle that is my 3rd child and what’s not to love when you have a face like this…


Thank you to all those who commented with concern for him, rest assured he is fine.


  1. He is very sweet - so glad that he is okay.

  2. Oh Yes a very lovable face XX
    Pleased he feeling better.

  3. So pleased he is feeling better. Could all the illness in your house lately have set it off. I have one daughter with eczema which used to be very bad and the other one is just fine but they used to get a similar thing to DS3 when they were extremely sick. Drs said it was to do with the immune system. Thankfully they have grown out of it and Grace still has eczema but no where near as bad.

  4. That's great news to hear. I'm sure YOU can breathe easier too! :)

  5. so glad you now know what it is and yes who could resist those dimples,such a handsome baby bear.xx


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