Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back in the saddle!


Contentment and fulfillment.

I feel like I have actually achieved something today.

It wasn't what I had planned to sew but I'm happy I did it.

I used to sew a lot of clothes for my kids when they were little and I was a stay at home mum.  Nowadays most of my sewing is quilts and crafty stuff.

I have been trying to encourage my daughter to become involved in sewing and making clothes.  She is very petite and it is difficult to find things that fit her nicely - we need small sizes but then the length is wrong, so if we go for the length then the size is wrong.  I had the same problem until a few years ago...

I have encouraged her to sit with me and look at web sites and patterns and pictures.

This afternoon I was thrilled when she said that she would like the Ombre dot we bought to become a peasant blouse.

She loves it and I'm pretty happy with it as I had to draft the pattern myself.  We are just in discussions about the bottom of it.  I want to add a ruffle and she doesn't.

Any thoughts?  To ruffle or not to ruffle, that is the question....


  1. Lovely fabric, your dd must be thrilled.

  2. Sew nice to get our DD involed in sewing.
    Lovely fabric for her blouse.

  3. Oh I think the ruffle would be the perfect accent! Love this!

  4. I think that is a huge step with her letting you sew some clothing that I would be doing what she wanted :o) No way my eldest would let me sew for her, probably a good thing as I prefer quilts! lol hugs

  5. not to ruffle is my input,lol,its nice doing it together.xx

  6. I Think I would just hem it as is. Love the fabric and its nice to be able to do things together too.


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