Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap

During the school holidays I decided  to join the Sweet Pouch Swap and was partnered with Jodi.  Jodi doesn’t have a blog but she has a grandson and so I couldn’t send her chocolates and not her grandson, right?

I had to send her something Australian (Jodi lives in the U.S.A.) and so I set off on a mission.  The buying of the sweets was the easy part.

I couldn’t stalk Jodi to see her style, colours, likes and dislikes, all I had was the small amount of information I got from Ros, so…

I decided to go with Fig Tree and a couple of colours – hoping that Jodi would like them.

I posted my parcel ahead of schedule and it made it across the ocean safely to Jodi who loved it (PHEW).

Then I realised that I had not taken any photos of it – der, so thankfully Jodi had and she kindly shared them with me.

This is what I made and bought and sent to Jodi;

photo 1photo 2photo 3

I love the little pocket I debated over including – I think it adds a little extra special touch.

Thanks Ros for an easy and fun swap…can’t wait to see what I get Smile


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