Monday, August 4, 2014

Better later...

My Christmas in July parcel was slow in arriving.
I put it down to the North Pole being such a long way from here.
(Or Australia Post taking their sweet time.)

Inside the box was this beautifully wrapped bundle - 
I almost didn't want to open it all.

Each of the 3 gifts had the cutest little ornament attached.

I love red white and green together for Christmas.
A table mat and angel figurine.

2 hand towels - I love these
because the family can't walk off with them and dump them!

And a tree.

I think I scored rather well, wouldn't you say?
Thank you to my partner Narelle.
Thank you too to Cheryll for organising the swap.


  1. Gorgeous items, you are a lucky swapper.

  2. Narelle sent you some lovely gifts, Claire.

  3. yipee awesome parcel Clairebear from the lovely Rell,i had been admiring the xmas tree on her blog,enjoy your xmas goodies my friend.xx

  4. Even though your parcel was late it was well worth the wait. Such beautiful gifts Narelle sent you.

  5. Worth the wait. Lovely gifts. We often find there can be a huge difference in the times it takes our mail to travel to and from the States.

  6. Definitely worth the wait... gorgeous gifts!

  7. Lucky girl. They are beautiful gifts from your swap partner.

  8. Beautiful swap presents will look great in that new home of yours...

  9. Lovely gifts, well worth the wait. Our postal service is a bit annoying at times. hugs.....


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