Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was kind of busy this month.

I packed.
We moved.
I unpacked.
I knitted.
I sewed.
I shopped.
I sent parcels.
I received parcels.
And in amongst all that, someone ate their first apple without it being cut up 
since all those baby teeth were removed and still haven't been replaced by the supposed 
adult teeth that were bursting through...could have left them in there a bit longer.  This sounds simple, but by no means was a small thing for him - or me, it was kind of HUGE!

So, July - you were really busy...
August, please slow down a little.


  1. Well done with the apple ! Love the apron :)

  2. I thought you may have chosen to have pictures of nothing but boxes for the month. Great to have a brea from that.
    Good news on the apple eating.

  3. it was a big month Claire....and I totally love all my gifts...

  4. Wow huge month - I think you deserve a little lay on that big comfy couch with one of those quilts pulled over you to keep you snug...

  5. Hi Clairebear you sure did have a big month,hope it slows down for you this month.xx

  6. WOW you have been very very busy last month .......
    and how good eating an WHOLE apple....

  7. Hope your August is quieter with more relaxing crafting Claire


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