Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I have been thinking a lot lately about how much
'stuff' I buy.

How much is useful, needed, relevant, essential...

How much is because I can and online shopping is so easy...

This box arrived on Friday.
It contained various Kona cotton solids.
I have a big and beautiful rainbow.

Did I 'need' it?

No...it was a want.

I wonder sometimes, how much of my fabric I will actually ever use.
I have trouble cutting into it - what if I need it for something else, what if I can't get anymore...

It;s actually all rubbish.

There will always be new fabric, I can always buy more - it might not be the same, but there  will
always be more and newer and prettier.

I'm not going to add up everything I have spent so far this year -
I think that would just horrify me way too much.
i am going to think long and carefully about what I buy and how much I buy
and why I'm buying it.

Is it because I love it and want to use it straight away?
Is it because everyone else is buying it (hello quilting-pressure, just like peer pressure but for grown ups)?
Is it because I'm going to stash it and never use it?

I think I need to stop buying and start sewing.
I think I'm going into rehab.

I'm officially on a fabric buying diet.
Just like I did with books.  Couldn't tell you when I last ordered a book.

So, apart from what is currently on order and paid for,
the few clubs I am committed to I am not
buying anymore fabric.
Yep - no fabric -
unless it is required to finish a project ( linings/backings etc)
or Bonnie and Camille bring out another new line.

No more Instagram buys.
No more 'but she's got it' buys.

Will power people.
Lets see if I can manage a month...


  1. OMG.....have you been in my head....you have, what you are saying is what I am always thinking.....or is it we both have a problem...a month that is a real long time...I will try as well....but I do have a dew BOM'S coming in, but they were all pre-done today.....

  2. You can do it, and using up stash is strangely satisfying. Then you will NEED to buy more fabric.

  3. I'm sure you'll be able to do it, Claire!

  4. Sound like a great plan good luck !

  5. How coincidental. I've been pondering this very same thing. I promised myself no more buying this year. But i've bought patterns, books & fabric. The fabrics off Instagram, I knew it would be dangerous to sign up to it. :) So in the 2nd half of this year, well what's left of i'm going to try not to buy anything unless it's absolutely necessary like yardage for borders & backings. Good luck. Hugs,xx

  6. I wish you luck Claire. Stopping the buying habit us hard but I do

  7. and now lest see if my computer will let me finish that comment!

    .....but I do know that using your stash is satisfying. I did this earlier this year and its changed my thinking on stashing v's using fabic. If you buy it cause you like it, use it! With that said I might have to sensor IG posts as I have a few treasures coming in the next couple of weeks :o)

  8. Hi Clairebear,great words of wisdom there,i wish you luck my friend,happy sewing.xx

  9. Hi Claire, I am starting to feel the same way. I have so much and I say the same things to myself as you do. I am thinking I may have to go on a fabric diet lucky I just bought the Miss Kate fabric I wanted. Bonnie and Camille fabric is my down fall.

  10. oooooh... heavy stuff! I have to admit to having the same thoughts .. am trying to buy to finish off things.... hmmmm.... good luck

  11. I have noticed you seem to post more about stashing stuff than making stuff (that's not a dig by the way, I'm actually just jealous) so maybe this will do you and your bank balance a bit of good? Good luck, it's not easy. I tried to do the 6 month one and whilst I didn't buy massive hoardes of stuff, I definitely bought something every month still. Have fun making, that pretty fabric is so satisfying in new forms (just don't think about the bits lost in the seam allowances, k ;) )

  12. I think we all reach this point at some stage.
    And it doesn't hurt to be creative with what you have.
    Good luck and good sewing!

  13. Goo dluck! It is hard, and I have been on a diet for a but allow myself the occasional organic, naturally dyed purchase (which is such a relief) and it takes me so long to actually find what I like and fits with my new priorities that I don't get to buy that much!


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