Friday, August 29, 2014

Miss Kate

I could resist temptation no longer.

I had to open Miss Kate.

It felt so good!

I opened 2 jelly rolls.

I am creating theses...

Do you think it would be ok to set my class a
task for the day so that I can sit and sew in the
corner for the day - because I want to make 
more of these!

I think that Miss Kate might very well now be my favorite.
I know we shouldn't have favorites...
What's your favorite Bonnie and Camille range?


  1. I never bought a jelly roll - I know amazing, but this one is beautiful. Yes assign a task and sew!

  2. Love what you've made. Yes assign a task & sew. :) I cant' decide on a favourite B & C range. :) Hugs,xx

  3. This quilt is going to be gorgeous, Claire.

  4. Ohhh no wonder you are in love! It's gorgeous fabric.
    Yes sew all day...the pupils will cope... lol
    I have lots of fav's...and it changes everytime a new range appears on the shelf. :)

  5. lol so good to see you having so much fun with your jelly rolls Clairebear,i love all their ranges of fabric,enjoy playing my friend.xx

  6. Oh how good would that be if you could sit in the corner and sew while the kids worked on their own....
    Your Miss Kate Hexies are looking amazing. Sew far I have only bought Scrumpcious...


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