Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Craft Alive

Was in the area on the weekend so I went for a look.

If I'm honest i was disappointed.
I'd had high hopes of finding Miss Kate there...

I did buy this kit - because it was functional and rather cute!

I also bought a new ruler.
sorry for the awful pictures - bad lighting here today.

hopefully it saves time - the lady cut over 200 2" squares 
in front of me and they were straight and perfect.
Took less than a few minutes.

I immediately thought of binding strips!


  1. Hi Clairebear,love your purchases,enjoy my friend.xx

  2. I am guessing this was the Morwell one? I was interested but was busy packing boxes for my mum's move. (You know what that is all about!) I was wondering what it was like. The stitches part of it will be here in October.

  3. Oh that ruler rules - OMG this is awful...


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