Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Does it again!
Rina looks after me so well - and her service is fantastic!

I love that we have developed an online friendship now.
I love that she spoils me!

I love that I have more Miss Kate and now I feel
I can finally cut into her.

If you want good service and good prices - visit Stitcherina on Etsy.
Rina is awesome!

For those of you who are wondering this was ordered before
my fabric diet - I haven't broken it, yet...


  1. Such Yummy Fabric.....I better check her out.....LOL....

  2. Lucky you ordered before your fabric diet - I was worried your FHFS might have to do an intervention and send you to rehab..

  3. awesome ,enjoy my friend.xx

  4. That box of fabrics does look delicious!!! Enjoy playing with them.

  5. Lovely to read about the good service. Love the fabric.

  6. Always great to hear about excellent online service. Might pop by and have a look. Love browsing etsy


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