Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm currently in the midst of making items for our Mother's Day stall that we have at school.
While looking at Pinterest the other day I stumbled across these gorgeous candles.
So of course I had to jump in boots and all and have a go.

I'm really disappointed about the tapered candles as they were a creamy-yellow colour 
and so the magic ingredient looked awful on them and so I decided to colour them.
Of course the only food dye I had left in the house was from when I made these cupcakes.
Now I'm not so sure I like them - they do look different in the photo compared with my eye.
I'm sure there will be a couple of kids who like the sparkly gaudy blue...


  1. Are you KIDDING me? Of course the kids will love the gaudy blue. LOL and the mums will love whatever their darling chose for them.

  2. I think these will be a huge seller...well done Claire....School Fete, remember those so well...cooking and crafting....I think you should make more....

  3. yes i agree with Peg i think they will do well,well done my friend.xx

  4. Anything that sparkles will be coveted.

  5. They are gorgeous candles yes even the blue ones lol. Kids will love them and I am sure the mums will too.


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