Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some More Marcelle

Well she continues to grow and the end of the top is in sight and soooo close but still so far, just chain piecing my little heart out.

I was undecided yesterday as to whether or not do the crosses that are in the pattern for the second last big border.  This morning I caved and decided to follow the instructions (I'm such a good girl).

I'm just not sure about the busyness of this quilt, there is a whole lot going on and I keep thinking that maybe I should have included a plain border between the geese and the bricks to tame it down a little.  I do still love the centre of the block and think it would make a lovely pillow.

Mama's China continues to grow - it's quick and easy and doesn't require the focus that Marcelle does.

And last night I finished another one of these from Anni Downs that I started ? deciding to do it all in blue - it shall be my blue quilt when it is finished...


  1. I think you should "love her"...
    as she looks sensational!!!!! :)

  2. Quite a few ppl on Instagram have said the same thing about a border between the geese and bricks. Your quilt and colors look fantastic. hugs

  3. i agree with Chez and Shaz Claire it looks fantastic,such lovely work you do,well done.xx

  4. I love Marcelle just the way it is. I like the fabrics and think they suit it perfectly. Love the other blocks and your stitchery too.

  5. Yep I also like your fabrics in Marcelle..
    Lovely stitchery you have done too Claire.

  6. I really like this, I'm actually making a cushion from the centre part this month as a gift :)

  7. Marcelle is looking gorgeous. Love the red blocks and the adorable kitty stitching.
    Looks like a productive night at your place.


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