Monday, April 29, 2013

Surprise mail

 When I got home from camp (oh I mentioned it again ,sorry), there was a little parcel waiting for me.  
It was this month's button club from Theodora and it is just gorgeous, me to a T!

There was also a little something extra.
I was lucky enough to win a competition for one of Barb's brand new creations,
part of her Millie collection about her cat.

I love it.  
Not sure what I will do with it but being a cat person I think it is sweet.

24 years ago today my Father lost his 5 year battle with cancer, please spare a thought today for those currently undergoing their own fight, that they might be spared and rise above and beat this insidious, awful brute.


  1. Such pretty buttons - you will love using those.

  2. Always a sad moment on days like this...
    But on a lighter note those buttons are gorgeous! :)

  3. yes i agree with what Chez said,thinking of you today my friend.xx

  4. Gorgeous buttons....also thinking of you....and so many others..

  5. LOVE LOVE the buttons...

    Nice to have great loving memories of your DAD..


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