Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What is written across my forehead?

Yep I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  

I bought this for my daughter thinking it would be fun to make these 3 items together.  
Ok, truth be told it was the pretty pictures that got me.
Everything you need to make three items and the patterns included in the kit and all for under $20, what a bargain!

She was so excited when i gave it to her, it was a nice feeling.

I opened it up to find what looked like calico!

Yep everything else was there - tissue paper patterns and notions.
But the fabric - where was they pretty stuff on the front?

Dummy - always read the fine print.

They saw me coming at Spotlight, a mile off...
Live and learn, well it will be an inexpensive way for my daughter to learn to make these things.


  1. Time to teach her some embroidery too then? Or appliqué?

  2. You could jazz it up with some strips of fabric added to the pieces before constructing them for some colour. It would still be fun to have a go at making them and then go and pick some fabrics together for the real set.

  3. This will be a great chance for her to show her creativity. Dive into your stash and scrap boxes and see how you go, could be a lot of fun. hugs

  4. oh noo things like that happen to me also Claire,cant wait to see it made up.xx

  5. Oh Dear....I am sure you have some pretty stuff in your stash....

  6. Yep I always get caught like that too...
    As the ladies suggested a bit of applique or stitchery would jazz it up..


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