Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Me too!

I'm getting in on the act, 
both Shez and Cheryll have blogged 
about their fun making these little beauties.  
So I thought they would be great to make 
for our Mother's Day stall.

They were right, these hand towels are so quick and easy to make.  
I see a few more of these in my near future.


  1. The fabric and towels look great together. There seems to be a bit of a theme happening at the moment lol. I'm sure they will sell well on the stall.

  2. fantastic Claire you did so well my friend.xx

  3. LOL....these are getting very addictive...love them...

  4. Your's look great Claire and I am sure they will be a winner at the Mother's Day stall.

  5. Lol - me too. I have been making some for my daughter and plan to make a heap more yet. They are very addictive as the are so quick but looks so lovely when finished.


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