Saturday, April 20, 2013


Sorry blurry phone picture but she was so cute in my cupboard, sniffing around all of my fabrics. 
This little cutie is not very well.  She had a trip to the Vet yesterday and I'm going back this morning with a urine sample.  Having blood in your wee is never a good thing, is it?
Not sure if you folks out there are the praying kind but Lucy could used some good vibes right about now, me too for that matter.
Don't really want to have this hanging over my head when I'm off to school camp on Monday.
I'll keep you all posted.


  1. oh Claire,sending good vibes Lucy's way,hope it ends okay,big hugs.xx

  2. Sending positive vibes Claire. Hope she is ok. hugs

  3. Lucy might just have a bladder or kidney infection that can be easily cleared up with some antibiotics. I'm sure she will be ok and back to herself in no time. Sending hugs

  4. Oh Lucy sure hope you get better soon with some good medicine..
    Sending you lots of cuddles... and you too Claire...

  5. Good wishes for Lucy and sending you a hug as well!


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