Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A step closer

I had a lovely time yesterday with my machine and some fabric and a little project that is long over due.

I am now one step closer to a completed quilt, my Great Granny.

001Sorry not the best photo but it was blowing a gale here yesterday and it was at least somewhat tame here against the ugly fence rather than the clothes line which is my preferred, pretty spot.
Today I’m off to Melbourne again to look at more display homes and think I will call into Spotlight at Fountain Gate on my way back so I can get the rest of what I need to finish her off a.s.a.p.
A cute little person asked yesterday if he could be the first person to use her when she’s done – ain’t that sweet?  Funny cause only a short while ago he told me to stop making quilts because there were too many in our house.  I ask you, seriously, can any house have too many quilts?


  1. Claire it looks lovely and I hope there can not be too many quilts in a house or I am in trouble! Enjoy your day. hugs

  2. Lovely quilt and enjoy your fabric shopping :)

  3. Claire well done it looks fantastic,and how cute of your little person.xx

  4. The quilt will be fantastic when done I'm sure. It looks great NOW! :)

  5. Claire your quilt is lovely. I have the fabric sitting at home to make this block for that 'one day' occasion

  6. Claire I think your quilt is beautiful! Congratulations on the finish!


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