Tuesday, January 1, 2013

He is gone...

This is what I was doing at 3 am this morning - waking a scout (Baby bear #1) ready to get on the bus and head for his second Jamboree in Queensland.

He was less than enthusiastic and may have even muttered something about not going...are you kidding me after the months of planning and preparation?  Think it was sleep talking...

I love stunning people at 3 in the morning with the flash of my camera...at least he was smiling by this stage.

So we said goodbye and packed him onto the bus for a 28 hour trip - thank goodness I'm not on that bus!

Then later, at a much more reasonable hour, we went to feed the ducks and for the first time ever there was a beautiful black swan who was more than willing to take chunks of bread right from our hands.



  1. hope your boy has lots of fun at camp Clare.xx

  2. Flash photography at 3 am to post on your blog.. I am amazed he smiled!


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