Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yesterday I drove over to Morwell to Spotlight and they were having a sale – they are closing on the 17th of February and moving to a new location.  I had gone to get scissors, zips and thread to finish Poppy but…
this ended up coming home with me – I don’t know how it happened…and this also came home too, oops.

When I got up this morning and cut the 6 metres + of binding for Poopy, it was so easy to just run it through my new toy and in about a minute I had nice and even folded and iron binding ready to go.  Why have I not bought one of these before now?

On a different subject, we have been playing with bikes and trying to get training wheels to fit properly.  Baby bear #3 has all sorts of issues that I have sort of mentioned but another complication is balance and muscle tone and strength.  This makes riding a bike for him extremely challenging.  His old bike was way too small and worn out so Santa left him a brand spanking new orange one (that he has decided to call Jerry – go figure).  We finally have wheels on but they aren’t the best, so fingers crossed we can get him sitting straight and balanced ASAP before the training wheels give way.


  1. lol,funny post Claire but i love what you bought ,can i ask how much the binding machine was please,i am going to visit spotlight in the morning and one might follow me home,lol.xx

  2. The binding machine does look great....
    Hope all went well with BB#3s bike..

  3. It's always FUN to have a new toy! SO go PLaY!!! :)

  4. Fancy those cute fabrics and cool tool making themselves welcome in your home :o)
    Did you get the scissors, zips and thread?


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