Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Process of the Poppy Quilt

So I spent yesterday preparing the fabric Carmel had chosen, matching carefully, swapping, changing back, asking baby bear #2 for her opinion and then sending Carmel the colour arrangement via text/pics to double check before I started.

Carmel was happy with the way I had paired the fabrics and so I began to cut.  I always dread this part.  It used to be, that I couldn’t cut into the fabric because I feared it would all be gone and I could never get it again, and so I horded and refused to cut up the good stuff (funny a lot of that good stuff is now what I give to the kids or donate because my tastes have changed).  Now it is not that at all, because I know only too well that the fabric companies keep churning out new lines and with each new lot my favourites are replaced (does that make me a fickle fabric lover?), it is because I am scared.  There, I  said it, I admit it.  I am afraid of my rotary cutter.   It’s that whole thing of measure twice, cut once.  I just have this fear of cutting up a whole lot of fabric all wrong and then not being able to make what I was supposed to…it is worse when it is for someone else.


I did cut into it and it was ok…it’s just a silly mind-set.

These are the first 2 blocks and despite all the ruling of lines for H.S.T.s and cutting off and squaring up and matching points, it’s not a bad pattern.  Not super fast, but then there probably are better ways at sewing this – I probably could do a whole lot of chain piecing but I feel that I have to go slowly and carefully because it is not for me.


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