Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On a roll…

Well sort of, just trying because Cheryll got me thinking about how many unfinished things I have hidden in the depths of my cupboards.  I finished the Beast and knew that I really should finish off other stuff before starting anything new, despite how badly I wanted to.


2 years I was fortunate enough to travel to America for a whirl-wind 2 weeks and while I was there I bought this pattern and all of the fabric to make it.  I even had it in my carry on luggage – there was no way it was going into a suitcase to be potentially lost by the airline.  I started it once I was home and then it was packed away and left.  It will be 3 years this September since I bought it.  I really ought to finish it.

So instead of doing school work i pulled it out.  I had to try and make sense of the pattern and where I was up to.  There were bit sewn and pieced together, bits cut out and fabric pieces.

I ironed it all and it was then that I made a gruesome discovery…


All of these have an error in them!  How could I have been so careless?  How could I have not known it at the time?  Mind you in my defence I did have to get glasses 2 years ago, so that’s my excuse.  So I sat and looked and wondered  - should I leave them, should I fix them, would people notice, would I be able to live with it…I knew I had no choice but to fix them, so I set about to unpick and resew them – not happy.

So now I have something that looks more like this


And I have packed it away again to make room for laminating.  Yes, desk labels, bag hooks, wall charts, groups for this and groups for that…all printed, cut out and laminated in preparation for next week.  I love the start of the school year!


  1. this is going to look gorgeous Claire.xx

  2. This is going to be stunning - but take your time!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt it will make. Love the pattern and the fabric range.


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